Our major services

Providing staffing solutions to meet workforce requirements and enhance your business results

Our services range from sourcing qualified personnel for technical and non-technical profiles to arranging interviews, handling bulk-hiring requirements in all parts of the world, and delivering impeccable service for all types of appointments - contract roles, permanent (direct) hiring and even short-term shutdown and turnaround projects.
Ease of access: Our dedicated account managers, recruiters, operations, and finance teams ensure smooth access, implementation and quicker turnaround times to cater your business needs.
Around-the-clock service: Brunel’s operations and PRO (immigration affairs team) are available 24/7 to fulfill contractor urgencies or other logistical requirements.
Logistical support: We offer end-to-end solutions for secondment, including short-term assignments and bulk mobilizations. We assist in recruitment, mobilization – demobilization , visa and immigration support, payroll, food, accommodation, logistics and more.
Global network and mobility: Our network’s reach is over 44 countries to help deliver global mobility solutions quickly. 

 Advance your business now with our unique features

• Tailor-made services to suit your human resources requirements, including project support.
• A global network of skilled applicants and updated TAC systems.
• In-house experts that can easily explain technical job roles and deliver the right talent.
• Commitment to meeting compliance and insurances with timely delivery of profiles, on boarding, payroll, invoicing, and more.
• Smooth coordination and communication with contractors and candidates on your behalf. 

Permanent hire & Executive search:

From a long-term view, direct employees offer stability, loyalty, and commitment to growing your business. 
You can implement the required processes and projects smoothly by hiring permanent personnel through Brunel.
We as workforce facilitators understand your needs and advise cohesive permanent recruitment solutions.
To find suitable candidates in overseas locations, we can arrange recruitment campaigns and line-up candidates for face-to-face interviews, making your selection process faster and easier.
- Ease of access to active and passive job seekers
- Managing recruitment campaigns successfully in various overseas fields
- Liaising between employer and employee from sourcing to on boarding stage
- Efficient/simplified placements, mobility, and deployment methods in practice

Contract hire/ Secondment:

Contract hire is the most effective form of recruitment, especially for project-based roles. Our long and short-term contract staffing options guarantee you the highest caliber employees. You can speed up your project work by hiring qualified talent with specialized experience to handle time-bound projects, fixed-term, or short-term turn around/maintenance projects cost-effectively.

Senior Staff Secondment

Steer your interim projects using our flexible structures to employ a temporary workforce.  With a wealth of experience in the recruitment services industry, our consultants fully understand your needs and know the challenges, competition, and current market position.
We provide niche profiles while enabling the candidate and client achieve the most competitive compensation within the region, industry, and job role. We also manage the entire visa, mobilization, payroll & contract administration along with demobilization practices:
- Administrative support from a local operations team for contractors 
- Customized solutions from specialized account managers 
- Valuable support during bulk-hiring recruitment campaigns 
- Total in-country compliance met

Junior Staff Secondment

Our experienced recruitment consultants have knowledge of specific trades and can pre-screen and connect the best workforce to help you shortlist candidates.

FAT (Food, Travel & Accommodation)

Apart from recruitment and mobilization, we also provide Food, Accommodation, Transport (FAT) services to contractors working in remote sites.
We have raised the recruitment bar with our all-inclusive FAT services for various Operations & Maintenance Contracts, upstream projects, commissioning, and O&M projects in Qatar. We also specialize in other value-added services to remove the burden from you. Our customized, cost-effective services include: 
- Facilitating campsites closer to job location, even in remote areas
- Handling all logistics and documentation along with procuring local permits, licenses, etc.
- Dealings/issues concerning food, travel, and accommodation of the personnel
- Ensuring complete adherence to local compliance's

Project management services

Drawing on a unique combination of local talent pools and an extensive global network of contractors, we connect you with the flexible workforce your project requires to succeed. Brunel has experience in providing teams of specialists, who have worked together on previous projects in drilling supervision, project engineering, construction supervision and inspection & commissioning.
At Brunel, we can support you through your entire project life-cycle from planning to production and decommissioning, with our value-added project management services.
Our global presence and around the clock availability make mobilization and redeployment of the workforce according to project phases (Exploration Engineering Construction Commissioning Operations) across geographical boundaries possible.
Our streamlined processes and integrated office solutions facilitate us to execute the services, within record timelines; from the FEED location to the EPC location, including Installation, Commissioning or Decommissioning phases.

Global Mobility & Relocation

Brunel provides end-to-end international mobility services in 44+ countries owing to our widespread professional network and local support team. Our global presence makes global mobility services an imperative offering.
International mobility enables the selection and relocation of employees for international assignments. It includes logistics activities and events that occur before, during, and after these assignments. With expert knowledge of visas & immigration, local laws and policies, you can entrust us for the smooth transfer of your staff/human resources.We reduce the burden of administrative activities by handling accommodation, school search, employee benefits, tax & payroll support, departure services, and more.
Over the years, we have known the mobility challenges companies face, such as:
- Not having enough staff at the location 
- Not having a single point of contact to assist and support employees
- Partial know-how and additional hidden costs for value-added services

How we can help: - Hand over the specifics to us

- Delivering clear communications on immigration regulations to all employees/contractors.
- Visa and project completion trackers to manage paperwork & travel schedules.
- Offering a better mobility experience with enhanced compliance and administration.
- Supreme operational delivery across all time zones leading to extended deployment assistance.
- Meeting your requirements on a real-time basis, with around-the-clock availability.

Global Services 

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