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How Brunel can help you boost your career in future mobility.

✔ Get guidance through every step
From presenting the potential job opportunity, resume and interview coaching, salary negotiations and onboarding, we’re with you every step of the way.

✔ Work with major industry leaders
We work with some of the most well-known multinational future mobility clients in the world.

✔ Find a challenging job
The future mobility industry is innovating in fast pace, with a focus on research, IT, Internet of Things (IoT) and the imaginations of engineers. We connect you with the most forward thinking and successful clients.

✔ Get the global network you need
We have decades of experience in global mobility. Once innovative projects get the green light, companies turn to us for a workforce with a quick turnaround — so being in our network when that happens can boost your career perspectives.

✔ Take International opportunities
Because we know all about relocating specialists to other countries, you’re not just limited to local mobility opportunities. If you're interested in our clients in Japan or German, why not go for a move abroad for a few years?

Looking for talent in these disciplines

  • Development and testing of hardware and software
  • Development of electrical/electronic (E/E) systems and controllers
  • Development of in-vehicle wiring systems
  • Mechanical and electrical development and design
  • Simulation and computation
  • Testing of assemblies (mechanical/electrical)
  • Automation
  • Business IT, app and web development
  • Development of embedded systems
  • Quality management
  • Supply chain management
  • Technical documentation and data management
  • Testing and validation
  • Variant management

Job openings in Future Mobility

Jobs in future mobility

The mobility industry is moving fast: The transition from fossil fuels to electric or hydrogen. Cars that help you park, brake when something bad happens, and get software updates while you sleep.

For a long time, the developments in car technology could be considered minor. A car built in 2005 might look nicer, have an electric lock, and be safer than one from 1985, but these improvements are small compared to advancements in the future mobility industry now.

These innovations have a big impact on the kinds of people the industry needs. Companies need less mechanical engineers and more software engineers. The growing presence of sensors passing along data means more cybersecurity and connectivity questions. 

Many Research and Development (R&D) projects are recruited exclusively through external agencies like Brunel, helping companies stay agile and with fresh minds. We connect our engineers, IT specialists, technicians and managers to the most ambitious future mobility projects.


See all Future Mobility jobs

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