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Life Sciences

Redefining the story of life

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Why Brunel?

We are Brunel: With over 15 years of operational experience in Life Sciences and a powerful global network, we connect the most talented and experienced specialists with pioneering projects across the PharmaceuticalMedical Devices and Food Production industries.

Now operational in over 45 countries, we have the capabilities to provide support to our 200+ global Life Sciences clients and 500+ specialists, wherever they may be. As the industry continues to push the boundaries of technology, we can apply our knowledge and experience to help our clients progress their businesses and help our specialists achieve the rewarding Life Sciences careers they desire.

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  • 200+
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    Operational Offices across 45+ Countries
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    Work with the Global Top 10 Pharma Companies
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As companies continue to respond to new and ongoing health issues, many are investing in research and development, innovative production facilities, and digital transformation. To successfully achieve their goals, they rely on Brunel’s network of global specialists, who are pushing the boundaries of science to deliver breakthrough medicines for those in need.

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Medical Devices

As the demand for Medical Devices continues to grow, our clients require teams of knowledgeable specialists to be at the forefront of technological innovation and drive positive changes in the industry. Brunel is prepared for the future and has the highly skilled network of specialists our clients require to design and build products that advance the health and well-being of the end-user.

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Food Production

The Food industry is at a significant crossroads. Growing populations, the rise of conscious consumers, and emerging food technology trends are all helping to position sustainability as one of the driving forces behind food innovation. The pioneering projects our clients are working on are some of the most ambitious that have ever been attempted and require the support of Brunel to connect them to the specialists they require.

Looking for a job in the Life Sciences industry?

Are you interested in partnering with our world-class clients to solve major global challenges, contribute to technological advancements and grow your expertise? As the Life Sciences industry continues to grow and innovate, so does the demand for talent, bringing exciting and rewarding career prospects.

Industry Challenges

Innovation within Life Sciences is all about understanding current industry challenges and finding talented individuals to provide solutions. We understand your challenges. Project speed can be the difference between a success and failure, while businesses require continued support in achieving their diversification and inclusion hiring goals.

The Life Sciences industry has the opportunity to create innovative and ground-breaking results and has become even more significant and visible as the world strives to combat and respond to new diseases and environmental threats using pioneering solutions. It’s the industry that is redefining the story of life.

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Brunel Solutions

It’s in our DNA to provide knowledgeable and experienced solutions to our clients while also ensuring that our specialists have the very best career opportunities and training.

Brunel’s RPO solution and vast talent pool enables us to quickly provide permanent and contract candidates for our clients’ requirements. Our specialists are highly skilled in the areas of digitisation and AI and can be provided to support businesses as they focus increasingly on innovation and technology. As a front runner in DE&I recruitment, Brunel’s solutions work across both strategic and operational levels.

Our services include:

  • Contracting & Secondment and permanent/direct recruitment
  • RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)
  • Project Management
  • Global Mobility & Immigration

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Bringing Life to Your Business with Our Talented Specialists

Brunel’s passion for people is our inspiration to connect talented specialists with our clients. By doing so, both parties have the opportunity to develop and drive the boundaries of innovation and business success to the next level. Engaging with Brunel guarantees high-quality workforce solutions combined with experience and integrity. We believe in developing the skills of our specialists and are committed to investing in people and our partners to contribute to a smarter world.

It is in our DNA to connect our talented specialists to present-day and pioneering projects all around the world.

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