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This is who we are: A powerful global network, connecting the most talented and experienced specialists with both present-day and pioneering projects


Global recruitment and workforce services

Founded in 1975, we are a global specialist delivering customised project and workforce solutions to drive sustainable industry transformations through technology and talent.

With 120+ offices and a powerful network of more than 12,000 specialists around the world, we deliver Project and Consulting Solutions, Workforce Solutions and Global Mobility Solutions that transform global projects in Renewables, Conventional Energy, Mining, Life Sciences, Future Mobility, Industrials & Technology and many other sectors.

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Conventional Energy report 2024
Conventional Energy report 2024

Conventional Energy professionals remain confident that both their current jobs and future employment opportunities are secure despite understanding the demand for fossil fuel projects will drastically reduce eventually. Fact to the Future is a series of short, insightful reports...

Life Sciences report 2024

Cutting-edge diagnostic tools, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), and groundbreaking techniques are reshaping the landscape of the Life Sciences industry on a global scale. This transformation indicates a bright future where AI and automation will drive...

Life Sciences report 2024
Mining report 2024

Mining professionals strongly perceive their industry as a significant positive force in advancing sustainable technologies like lithium batteries and electric vehicles (EVs). Despite having traditionally been able to effortlessly attract talent, the industry is currently grappling with...

Everyone at Brunel lives and breathes our core values: the entrepreneurial spirit, the results-driven mindset, our passion for people and our high standards of equity and integrity. Our global network of specialists strengthens this culture every day through their consistent behavior in line with our values

Jilko Andringa , CEO Brunel
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Project and Consulting Solutions

You are committed to delivering projects that meet the highest quality standards with full legal compliance. But how do you do that safely, on time and on budget, every time? Brunel provides the custom support, international network and local knowledge that your projects need to thrive.

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Workforce Solutions

Do you sometimes struggle to improve productivity and achieve organisational goals while also optimising your workforce management? Brunel leverages advanced recruitment techniques and strategic workforce planning to streamline talent acquisition and enhance your overall performance.

Global Mobility Solutions

Have you ever tried to master the complexities of international workforce mobility while solving the logistical nightmare of getting your teams to ten different places? Brunel seamlessly transfers individuals, teams and even whole businesses wherever they are needed – from the next state or region to the farthest corners of the planet.

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  • Our values are at the center of everything we do – for our clients, our colleagues and ourselves.

  • Passion for people

  • Integrity

  • Results-driven

  • Entrepreneurship


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  • People

    We build a better future for our professionals by positively influencing the labor market for people on the autism spectrum. We raise awareness by helping them unlock their talent and connect to the labor market in a meaningful way. In so doing, we create awareness, educate and mobilize our people to support a diverse and inclusive culture.

  • Planet

    We build a better planet for our (future) professionals by helping to increase environmental awareness and inspire inspiring people to build sustainable behaviors. These include supporting the ecosystem through the growth of the Global Brunel Foundation Forest, for example, as well as our Trash ‘n’ Trace initiative, which takes action to reduce (plastic) waste before it gets into the water.

  • Community

    We encourage our employees, candidates, clients, industries and society at large to actively contribute to a more sustainable world. Our aim is to foster engagement on all levels, from the bottom up, by capturing and connecting passion, talent and intrinsic motivation.


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  • The Brunel Foundation Forest is all about contributing to a better climate and greater biodiversity. We welcome everyone working at Brunel to accompany us on our mission: to fight climate change together, one tree at a time. What started in July 2021, when the Brunel Foundation partnered with EcoMatcher to plant 1,000 trees in Thailand, has grown within a year to a huge forest of 15,000 trees across the world.

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At the Brunel Foundation, our mission is to foster a sustainable mindset and be a catalyst for change towards a healthier planet – both for life on land and in the water. Our initiatives and collaborative ventures aim to inspire and encourage our people to contribute to society and make sustainable choices whenever and wherever they can. Offshore floating solar holds tremendous promise in driving the global transition to renewable energy. Curious about its benefits, including scalability, efficiency, and environmental impact? Kuwait is making substantial investments in its telecom sector, positioning itself as a significant player in the region’s telecommunications landscape. In the midst of this telecom innovation, Brunel specialist Ancy is working on one of the largest mergers and acquisitions projects for a prominent player in the industry. During our conversation, she shared insights into her educational background and career development. While DEI efforts have been crucial for creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace, it is equally important to embrace diversity of thought. This concept centers on the variations in how people think, solve problems, and approach challenges. Are you curious to learn more about diversity of thought and why it is particularly important in the mining industry? Then head over to our latest blog post. The FPSO sector faces challenges such as the energy transition, supply chain constraints, ESG factors, and time management complexities. Having a strategic partner like Brunel by your side to navigate this landscape is crucial. Below are five reasons why Brunel stands out. Shiva, a Brunel specialist, is making strides in this prosperous and promising field as a commissioning engineer at Kuwait’s largest crude oil gathering centre. Continue reading to explore his responsibilities in this role. Pharmaceutical companies play a fundamental role in helping patients and communities, so this rapidly growing industry offers many opportunities for a fulfilling career. We spoke with Brunel specialist Claudine about her impactful role as a pharmacovigilance specialist, her dedication to ensuring the utmost care and vigilance for every patient, and her passion for advocating inclusivity and gender diversity in the pharmaceutical sphere.