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Brunel’s latest instalment of the Fact to the Future reports.
The highly anticipated second set of reports from Brunel’s Fact to the Future series is launching soon. The latest Mining report will delve into topical themes, such as:  

The report looks at the Mining industry’s impressive leadership in sustainability and talent attraction, focusing on why the industry is critical for the energy transition and future of the planet.  


Our first report is still available to download. Keep reading to find out more.

Mining professionals strongly perceive their industry as a significant positive force in advancing sustainable technologies like lithium batteries and electric vehicles (EVs). Despite having traditionally been able to effortlessly attract talent, the industry is currently grappling with challenges in retaining both experienced professionals and the newer generations of talent. Fact to the Future is a series of short, insightful reports brought to you by Brunel. By surveying professionals in the Mining industry on a regular basis, we will create a timely and relevant overview of current and future trends in the industry.

Key themes from the report

93 percent of Mining experts believe Mining is a positive for society

Yet 56 percent of these professionals state they face unjust scrutiny.

Statistic about mining impact on society

Professionals named ‘recycling waste’ as the number one way in which the Mining industry can become more sustainable

Better sustainable mining methods, rehabilitation of land, efficient mining equipment, and contribution towards renewable energy also all scored highly.

Mining info about sustainability
Fletcher Tracy, Mining Management Brunel

The Mining industry’s shift towards green practices is being powered by three main factors: technological development, economic growth, and the supply of raw materials for various industries. Those newer into the industry see economic growth as the primary driving force behind environmental responsibility, whilst more experienced professionals believe the role of technological advancements will steer the industry towards a greener energy future

Fletcher Tracy, Global Lead – Mining

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