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Brunel partners with leading global mining operators to recruit and deliver people to some of the world’s largest mine sites, including underground and open cut mines throughout Australia, India, the USA and Canada. These include permanent, temporary and contract-based jobs in mining, and depending on the role can incorporate the provision of camp and accommodation, or fly-in fly-out (FIFO) arrangements.

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From presenting the potential job opportunity, resume and interview coaching, salary negotiations and onboarding, we’re with you every step of the way. 

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We work with some of the most well-known multinational clients in the world.

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Talk to Brunel about your career aspirations and how we can connect you with some of the top mining projects and mining jobs worldwide. Whether you are new to the mining industry or have decades of experience behind you, Brunel is a top international mining recruitment consulting firm. 

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We have global industry connections, supported by a team of recruitment consultants to help you navigate your career in the mining industry.

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  • Feasibility Studies, Design & Engineering
  • Mining Operations & Production
  • Construction & Commissioning
  • Fixed & Mobile Plant Maintenance
  • Drill & Blast
  • Health, Safety & Quality
  • Environmental, ESG & Heritage
  • Project Controls & Project Management
  • Commercial & Contracts
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Geoscience & Metallurgy
  • Reclamation & Remediation
  • Information, Security, Technology & Communications (ISTC)

Mining opportunities

Mining employs a surprisingly diverse range of professions – ranging from highly qualified technical and engineering mining jobs to management jobs such as project management, health and safety, and compliance to construction mining and trade jobs such as fitters, diesel mechanics, boiler makers, electricians, surveyors, drillers, shotfirers and drill & blast specialists, maintenance and shutdown roles, as well as qualified operators of heavy equipment including drills, haul trucks, dozers and excavators.

See all Mining jobs

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While DEI efforts have been crucial for creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace, it is equally important to embrace diversity of thought. This concept centers on the variations in how people think, solve problems, and approach challenges. Are you curious to learn more about diversity of thought and why it is particularly important in the mining industry? Then head over to our latest blog post. Mining is one of the world’s most important industries. In 2023, the global mining market experienced a 6.1% growth, reaching over US$2145 billion, and it's projected to escalate to over US$2775 billion by 2027, maintaining a 6.7% CAGR. This is reflected in local markets as well, with parts of Asia Pacific particularly strong. In Australia, for instance, mining contributed a record A$455 billion (US$299 billion in export revenue in 2022–23, according to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). That represents two-thirds of all Australia’s export revenue. Did you know that the batteries powering electric vehicles are made of lithium? Read our latest blog... What are rare earths, how are they used and why are they a key component in green energy products? From its industrial properties, commercial uses to its biological applications, we take a deeper loo...