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Vital to the country’s economic development & in preparation for FIFA 2022, large infrastructure projects are being undertaken across Qatar, from improving & expanding roads and building new developments to overseeing world cup events. A continuous advancement of structures, alongside growing populations and an elevation of technology, has led to a demand for highly-skilled, experienced engineers to aid in projects across all sectors.
Over recent years, the methods behind infrastructure have evolved, with construction engineering jobs relying more on innovative technologies and systems. This means that construction personnel have had to adopt new and continuously-changing skills, which companies in the industry are now looking for.

How Brunel participates in the Infrastructure landscape

At Brunel, our infrastructure recruitment team has evolved alongside the changing industry, and our knowledge of the sector is unparalleled. Years of experience placing engineering & design personnel into hundreds of jobs has enabled us to build strong working relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry, which has steadily expanded our portfolio of clients.
With each candidate, we are proud to offer a unique support package, providing tips on resume, interview techniques and help with legislation working abroad. We offer direction throughout your job searching journey and help you find an easier route to your new construction role.Our five-year presence in the core Infrastructure arena has awarded us with exclusive contracts based on the quality of our services and the expertise of personnel.
We stand recognized as one of the most efficient technical recruiters in the recruitment business, as we have operated with the Qatar Public Works Authority in diverse sectors to deliver the best white-collar talent needed for highway jobs. We have consistently proven our ability to source qualified, well-matched white-collar applicants for structures and highway jobs to our central and local government, consultancy and contractor clients.

Challenges facing in the Infrastructure industry & the solutions we provide

Industry challenges

  • Various suppliers & their demands: Several global projects often require different suppliers in every place, making it difficult to sustain the standardization of services worldwide.
  • Seeking the top and young personnel: Companies wish to access the best and youngest talent across all project stages.
  • Fulfilling compliance's with a rational approach: It is hard to achieve a uniformed, persuasive, and centralized compliance strategy worldwide for many Infrastructure firms.
  • Need for a safe working environment: There is always distress to maintain health, safety and environment (HSE) in the construction industry.
  • Solutions we offer:

  • One streamlined, global service: Our international support team is well structured and experienced to handle all your requests, manage compliance's, risks, tax policies as well as mobility services through our broad channel range of 44+ countries.
  • Workforce solutions: Save time and costs with our advanced recruitment techniques and database of industry specialist that are available throughout your Infrastructure project.
  • Consistently abiding global compliance's: You can count on our sound financial resources, service & compliance measures globally.
  • Fast access to top talent worldwide: With local contacts and unrivaled staffing services, we ensure smooth on boarding to demobilization for the experienced specialists swiftly, reliably, and rightfully.
  • Highly maintained safety standards: We have extensive insurance packages and risk management tools in intelligence, briefing, tracking and reporting to help you minimize the risk of emergency evacuations.
  • Workforce's we have deployed

    Our strategic office locations and commitment to the engineering sector has helped us build a database of over a thousand active candidates. Throughout the years, we have established strong relationships with clients & our personnel. We have deployed them in a range of positions in the following Infrastructure elements:

  • Infrastructure design and Engineering
  • Roads operation & Maintenance
  • Traffic signals
  • Highways design and Engineering
  • Drainage design and Engineering
  • Lighting design and Engineering
  • Roads assets management center
  • Transportation planning and Project management
  • Roads engineering department 
  • Successfully placed staff in Infrastructure services:

  • RAMC Team Leader/Supervisor
  • Road Safety Engineer
  • Street Lighting Inspector
  • Crash Data System & Research Manager
  • Emergency Response Manager
  • Product Approval Engineer 
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Customer Service Caseworker  
  • SCADA Expert
  • Inspector for Street Lighting Section
  • ICT/ITS Systems, Networking & Telecoms Engineer
  • Envisage your project growth with Brunel

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